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Date : Feb 19, 2018 08:22 PM

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War Traumatized Congolease in Eastern of Democratic Republic of Congo .....

C a t e g o r y P r o j e c t T a r g e t Project Date C o s t (Dollars)
Human Rights Human Rights Adults 2014-03-31 10000.00 Donate
Democracy and Governance Democracy and Governance Citizen 2014-03-31 20000.00 Donate
Humanitarian Assistance Humanitarian Assistance Displaced 2014-04-09 30000.00 Donate
Education Education Girls 2014-03-25 50000.00 Donate
MicroFinance Projet Agriculture Displaced 2014-03-05 1000000.00 Donate
Disaster Recovery Habitation Youth 2014-03-31 5000.00 Donate
Economic Development Commerce de poules Street Children 2014-01-16 500000.00 Donate
Technology Internet Connections Employees 2014-04-23 1000.00 Donate
Women and Girls Filles meres Raped Women 2014-03-16 25500.00 Donate